The Fortunate-500

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“And to benefit from the rich alumni base that this school prides itself on…”

I am sure this phrase figures in at least 99% of tier-1 B-school application essays or is uttered once during the course of the interview. Needless to say I had this on my mind too when I had decided to apply to the IIMA PGPX program last year.

But little did I realize that this benefit was not just a pot of gold I was hoping to find at the end of the rainbow. My interactions with the PGPX alumni over the last few months have convinced me that this network is nothing short of a ‘Golconda’ (a gold mine, duh!). See, once a Hyderabadi always a Hyderabadi 🙂

This year PGPX alumni base hit the near 500 mark catapulting themselves to this league – a league of their own – ‘The Fortunate 500s’.

On Nov 2nd  and 3rd 2012, the current batch (X7) hosted PGPX Alumni meet along with the annual corporate networking event –Connexion. About forty five alums from all the previous batches were on campus during these two days to attend CXO panel discussions, meet the current batch and faculty and most importantly re-unite with their batchmates. Many also experienced the nostalgia of their campus days that included hang-outs at the dorm common rooms over games of pool and huddles at syndicate rooms for a midnight snack ordered from Tanstaafl (CT). Their stay could not have ended better without the exhilarating Rasna ritual!!!

These alums brought with them a wealth of experience (re: gyaan 🙂 ) from diverse industries and career paths – both corporate and entrepreneurial. And what better time to have these discussions and brain-storm ideas than now when recruitment season is round the corner. There is no gainsaying this network is a strong support for each one of us not just in the near-term but will benefit us throughout our long-term careers. I believe it is also important to remember that just a like a living and breathing being, this network also needs time and nurturing to live and grow stronger.

Shares Prof. Satish Deodhar, PGPX Chairperson “Students in IIM-A use the term Alum for past student, I wanted to find out what Alum means. So I searched online and found out that Alum is a chemical compound known as Potassium Aluminum Sulphate or K.AL(SO4)2.12(H2O). Called Sphatika (crystle) in Sanskrit, it is known for its use in clearing muddy water and therapeutic uses such as healing bruises. I was glad to see so many ‘Alums’ coming to ConneXion. I am sure their presence made any hazy prospects felt by X7s crystal-clear and gave a healing touch to a few ”

Sheel Singh, PGPX VII


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