A Tribute to PGPX 13-14


I sit back, feet up, relaxed on a June Sunday..
Thinking I have done a lot in the hot Ahmedabad May
I pick up my notes…think i’ll clean the room
I’ve gotta study now..hell its half past noon
Term 1 has been tough..kept rest at bay
Oh no…Term 2 is just a week-end away

Assignments, tests, cases, lectures…i’ve seen them all
Wonder how much i’ve worked from night to fall
MD, DOMD, OB and to top it is AD by the way..
But for Harsha, FRA would have blown us away
I hear thers more to come..causes my heart to swell
Gives me a wry smile…i paid to come to hell

My kid doesnt know me, asks me who am I
My Dad looked different dint have such a swollen eye
I seem to have vanished from the planet earth
Bed, Classroom, Syndi i just do back and forth
The campus is all i know… its my new universe
Never knew…convenience is such a big curse

March’14 now looks a year too far
Dont know how will i party, so far away from a bar
Rasna and Chaach will not help me tide
Now i know how hard it gets without Blenders Pride
This place yet has its own special charm
A healthy life after all doesnt cause one harm

So i get up again…. now is half past three
Dint realise i slept coz i got time free
I will now buckle up…fight, rise and shine
And i know in the end i will be on cloud nine
I’ll work very hard to make every one proud one day
Make way, Make way, Make way…i’m at IIMA

-written by Chetan Mundhra


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