Strategic Sleep Management… and other stuff

A PGPX’er is not exactly the most socially active person around, lets deal with it.  He/She gets a lot of time to think, to speak and reason with himself/herself. And sleep is often a big part, especially in the mornings. What follows is a likely pattern.

Monday Morning – “Another long week! I need to catch up on sleep this afternoon. Oh but there might be a SCM quiz. Hmmm, so I can sleep only after 4:00….I can’t understand why these guys schedule quizzes in the afternoon!  And then there is a syndi meet in the evening… that does not leave me much time for sleep. Maybe I’ll turn up 10-15 mins late for syndi. There’s always 1 or 2 that come in late. Sh#! I should have slept earlier yesterday!!

Tuesday Morning– “Idiot!! Why did you not sleep early yesterday night?  Now you’ll have to miss your breakfast for a few more minutes of sleep. Go ahead…suit yourself! “.  Then in the first class after a few mins… “What time is it? I can’t believe it’s only 9:15. What I would do for a cup of coffee!!.. I should sleep early tonight so I don’t miss my breakfast tomorrow. Maybe I should do some CP now to cheer myself up.  And I should definitely catch up on some sleep this afternoon. Oh but there might be a SCM quiz…”!!

Wednesday Morning – Same story as Tuesday. But during the class “Hmmm…I should read a little bit of macroeconomics today. There might be a surprise quiz next week. Definitely macro this afternoon!!! If nothing at least it’ll put me to sleep instantly and later I can do some real studying with a fresh mind. Oh but there might be a SCM quiz…

Thursday Morning– “You really screwed up the SCM quiz, didn’t you? And you did not read a single line of Macro!! Anyway, just one more day and then it’s Friday!!! But there is a DMCV submission. Tonight could be a long night. No yaar…today we’ll be more disciplined. Each person has to come prepared with his/her analysis. No nonsense and we’ll be done in 2 hours. But first I really need to catch up on sleep this afternoon then I can go after DMCV afresh!!

Friday Morning – “DMCV was a bi@#$ yesterday. 4:30 in the morning is too much yaar!! We really need to work on our efficiencies! No chance of breakfast today. Just let the class get over…this afternoon I am going to sleep like Rip Van Winkle!! But I should make better use of the weekend. I should not waste tonight either. Macroeconomics definitely!!

Friday Evening – “Movie night!!  Maybe some Rasna afterwards if I get lucky!! Studies can wait!! Did we come here to study all the time? No one said we can’t have a life!!

Saturday Morning – “Screw breakfast!! Hangover!

Saturday Afternoon – “C’mon yaar!! You deserve to sleep… all week you’ve worked like there’s no tomorrow. There’s plenty of time for studies

Saturday Evening- “I am bored with mess food. We don’t go out anywhere. We should eat outside once in a while and tonight’s as good as any other!  I mean, no one said we can’t have a life! And one more dose of Rasna could hardly hurt… hmm where can I score tonight?

Sunday Morning – “Forget breakfast. Catch up on sleep. Then wake up and pick up the book!! Otherwise you’ll waste the whole bloody weekend.

Sunday Night- “Sh!# I wasted the whole bloody weekend!! Now I have the time to just about skim over tomorrow’s cases and pretend in class that I have prepared. Next week I have to be more organized and make better use of the weekend! Sh!# what if we have a macroeconomics quiz tomorrow… I am so screwed!!

Disclaimer: This is a purely fictional account. Any resemblance to real characters is purely coincidental and only mildly intended.

– Rajiv Sambhoo
(PGPX 13-14)


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