The Private Equity Industry in India (PGPX Speaker Series 2014-2015)

IIM A, 15th May 2014: Ms. Renuka Ramnath, Founder, Multiples Alternate Asset Management spoke about the future of the Private Equity (PE) industry in India at IIM Ahmedabad. Multiples is an independent, India focused INR 18 billion fund raised from 15 reputed global institutions. As part of the speaker series organised by PGPX, the one-year full-time MBA for executives, Ms. Ramnath said that PE is a very important asset class and is the first and last word in risk capital.

The opportunities in India for private equity are immense as the economy and companies grow. Ms. Ramnath said that Indian PE could be expected to grow significantly. She also touched upon the regulatory environment in India and laid special emphasis on how PE investors help foster corporate governance practices through increased transparency.

Pointing to typical weaknesses in the Indian corporate structure, she stressed the importance of investing not just in businesses but also in the individuals that run them. Ms. Ramnath laid special focus on how private equity brings more than just money to the table in the form of solutions to business problems, while continually engaging with the entrepreneur through the investment cycle.


Her message to students was that deals should only be entered into if there is a true spirit of partnership shared with the entrepreneur and that the business is understood in the manner that the entrepreneur understands it. The ability to do this consistently has differentiated the most successful PE firms from the rest.

Towards the end of the speech, Ms Ramnath answered various questions from a number of PGPX participants. IIM A’s PGPX enrolls executives with substantial work experience from a diverse mix of industry segments.

Nikhil Thadani
PGPX (One Year Full Time Programme for Executives)
Class of 2015


4 Replies to “The Private Equity Industry in India (PGPX Speaker Series 2014-2015)”

  1. The speech of Ms. Ramnath was very enlightening. She effectively put together all the pieces of private equity together, and even a novice like me was able to understand the role played by private equity players in supporting businesses and ultimately the country’s economy..

  2. It was wonderful hearing one of the first citizens of PE in India. “Invest, Nurture, Divest” is how she described what a PE firm does. Simple, yet so meaningful with most focus on Nurture.

  3. I very much liked the ‘Way of Life’ comment by Ms Ramnath. She explained that working at PE is not like ordinary work, but the way of life, the way to think, and the way to process. In a way it is more that Entrepreneurship. This talk was immensely helpful to understand the territory of Private Equity.

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