Warwick Diary – Last Day at Warwick

These were two of the quickest weeks we saw in PGPX. Things moved so fast that we didn’t even realize that today we were on our last day of the Term-3-European Immersion.Shard group 2

Last night packing didn’t let me sleep until 3 AM. As I woke up at 8, the only things remaining were to wrap up remaining things, check out, leave luggage in the cloak room, and reach the class by 10:15 for final presentation.

Based on our industry visits, presentations started at 10:35 with the strategic analysis of Amazon. It followed by one on Jaguar-Land Rover, DCS (For our group), and Compton Varney. It was very clear from the presentations that each group had put a lot of efforts in the analysis of available data before one came up with strategic recommendations to tap into future opportunities. Prof. Jacky Swan expressed his delight in the work and provided his feedback to individual groups.

As we were moving towards our farewell lunch in the Faculty Lounge, we had already started missing the wonderful time we had spent in Warwick, its instructors, and the non-academic learning we had in last two weeks. Over Wine, Juice, Lasagna, and other delicious stuff, we chatted with Professors and Coordinating Team. While we were thanking Sam and Clair from Coordinating Team, we didn’t hide our gratitude towards professors for taking their time out of their busy schedule and helping us understand various aspects of business in Europe and UK.

Certificate distribution formally brought down the curtains. Wrapping the whole event with a Usie (Group Selfie) could be the best way to wrap things up and move to the railway station from where we were supposed to take up an hour long train to London.

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