Don’t be simplistic, strive for simplicity!!! – Rajiv Dubey

“Don’t be so humble dear sir, after all you are not so great”, and the class erupted with the laughter. These were the opening words of Mr. Rajiv Dubey, President, HR, Mahindra & Mahindra Group. It was very evident that he got a great self-deprecating humour. Minor, but it is my first learning I extracted from his hour long talk that don’t take yourself so seriously because nobody else does either.rajeev_dubey

It was his self confidence that he was calling herself senior bottle-washer instead of a senior manager that clearly demonstrated his mantra to be able to connect to individuals in his company.

As he goes ahead, he explains why VUCA, combined with a countervailing power is the new normal in today’s world and each professional has to find his/her way to deal with this new normal. He further pushed his perspective that Strategy and processes might be very important but Human beings are most.

Later on he moves to his experience with the Mahindra and the RISE Framework that he is trying to implement there. RISE revolves around three core principles: Accepting No Limits, Alternate Thinking, and Driving Positive Change. These three things make firm progress towards its purpose.

HR Levers were another thing that was new for us. He explains why Communication & Internalization, Leadership, Capability Building, Recruitment, Rewards & Recognition, Performance Management System, Talent Management, and Learning & Development are bases of Human resource management and for a long inning, it is very important for a leader to cover these bases.

He explains that how he uses seven HR levers to define his organizations’ DNA. And why he picks first three of these levers before he focusses on last four. We agreed that Fear inhibits risk-taking and kills innovation, however, I opined that few times fear can also derive innovation, may be structured innovation. There have been leaders like Jack Welch & Steve Jobs who induced fear to push people to think differently.

He emphasized on the global mindset and why it is so important to have a global mindset when world is becoming boundary-less in terms of business. Further, he emphasized that as a leader we need to promote build a trust between people because most of the problems that we see in organizations are because of trust deficit.

He closed his talk by emphasizing that fact that one should strive towards simplicity, which is very different from being simplistic. As one get simplistic solutions without putting lot of efforts and without a global mindset, but to achieve simplicity in a solution, one has to work really hard in a focused manner.


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