ConneXions : Usage of IoT in smart cities

Imagine an ambulance driving a sick child to a hospital telling the driver which road to take to get there fast, and simultaneously contacting that hospital over an 8 MBPS mobile data network with the patient’s vital stats to make arrangements to prepare for her arrival. Imagine roads that self- diagnose and warn city services six months in advance of required repairs. Imagine your AC, fridge, TV and security systems all aware of when you are on the way home and pre-setting themselves for your ultimate comfort. Imagine an internet you can touch and that touches you. Everywhere! In everything! Always! Now imagine this is happening in Bhubaneshwar, Jaipur or Madurai!

This year’s first panel discussion in Connexions, IIMA PGPX’s annual flagship event will discuss “Using IoT in Smart Cities” under the broader theme of “Vision 2025: Positioning India on a Global Innovation Map”. Eminent panelists from organizations, which are leading the IoT space, moderated by our own Professor Rekha Jain will discuss the possibilities, challenges and opportunities surrounding the vision of people, infrastructure and ecosystems connected with each other in almost symbiotic manners to increase the quality of life in India’s cities.

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi raises the slogan of “Make in India” across the world, this panel will also discuss India’s unique position as a possible knowledge and manpower source to create a cost-effective IoT ecosystem in smart cities a reality.

To learn more, come and join us sharp at 11 AM on 08th October, 2015!!!

For regular update follow us at @IIMAPGPXMBA and watch the #IIMAConneXions

[Contributed by Ninad Bhave]


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