ConneXions : Role of Finance in Fostering Innovation !!!


Moolah. Dhan. Lakshmi. Even “the root of all evil”. What was once a simple way to buy goods has grown to become possibly the most influential and multifaceted tool ever created. Money once paid for conquests and voyages; today, it enables revolutions of a very different kind- of thoughts, actions and disruptions that change societies positively. As we look forward to 2025 and India’s role in the global innovation map, we examine the crucial role of finance in fostering innovation in the 2nd panel discussion of this year’s ConneXions.

Once again a distinguished panel of empowered executives, moderated by the ever-popular Prof. Shailendra Mehta, will discuss existing and emerging trends in the Indian and global finance world. Come, listen to a riveting talk on this fascinating topic as we explore financial inclusion, the role of RBI, emerging financial products like carbon credits and much more…

To learn more, come and join us on 8th – 9th October, 2015!!!

For regular update follow us at @IIMAPGPXMBA and watch the #IIMAConneXions

[Contributed by Ninad Bhave]

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