ConneXions : Relevance of innovation in Indian manufacturing industry

Few countries have developed the ability to make everything from light bulbs to rockets within 70 years of establishment. Fewer have done it well enough to export. Only a select few can master the complex software that courses through every modern machine. India has done all three, despite crushing sanctions, crippling resource crunch and pressing problems of a large, hungry populace, for as Pt. Nehru said, “Industries are the temples of modern India”.Manufacturing--621x414_small

A long time ago, an unknown human once undertook a project and made a wheel. Today fantastically complex nano machines are made by robots in highly automated assemblies. Indeed, the story of manufacturing is a story of human civilization itself. As the world moves into a new era of smart manufacturing with exotic materials like graphene, revolutionary techniques like 3D printing and IT-enabled force multipliers like remotely controlled processes, what unique role will India play? Will it replace China as the world’s low cost, high volume manufacturing hub? Will it challenge the developed world by ushering in a new dimension in precision manufacturing? Or will it rely on its huge IT knowledge bank to create a world changing paradigm shift in the very way we manufacture the tools of humanity?

The manufacturing panel of this year’s ConneXions will address these very interesting and complex questions as they try to pinpoint the role of innovation in the Indian manufacturing Industry today and in 2025.

And then we open the floor for your competitive spirits to raise the bar higher…

ConneXions team is organizing a competition that will challenge your knowledge, creativity and imagination to find the answer to an interesting problem, which, if implemented, will potentially catapult India to the centre of attention of the world by 2025. To participate, please register through the following link:

To learn more, come and join us on 8th – 9th October, 2015!!!

For regular update follow us at @IIMAPGPXMBA and watch the #IIMAConneXions

[Contributed by Ninad Bhave]

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