ConneXions : Building a self-sustaining digital India !!!

Hope you have registered for the competition to be held as a part of ConneXions 2015. If not, then there is still some chance. Go ahead and book your entry:

And while you gear up for the competition, here is a snippet on what you can expect from the second panel of Day 2 [09th October] – Building a self-sustaining digital Indiadigital-india

Imagine these scenes: a 20-something woman walks along an unremarkable road in rural Jharkhand, balancing two pots of water on her head, unmindful of passing vehicles. Suddenly she stops, fumbles in the folds of her sari, and pulls out an inexpensive smartphone. She has a new message. She can’t read, but knows from habit to press the red dot on the screen to convert the message to voice. “There’s going to be a storm this afternoon”, announces the voice in Hindi. She quickens her pace to get home before the storm hits, thankful for the message. Meanwhile, a farmer in Maharashtra accesses past records of rainfall in the area. Millions of Indians just such as these are connected to each other via mobile telephony, and to the world through cheap, fast data. They create and access online records, sign digitally, and learn through MOOC programs. Some even work in new factories where equipment to make broadband highways possible is manufactured on machines monitored by engineers from their city-based offices. It is 2025, and India is Digital.

To learn more, come and join us on 8th & 9th October, 2015!!!

For regular update follow us at @IIMAPGPXMBA and watch the #IIMAConneXions

[Contributed by Ninad Bhave]

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