ConneXions : Innovation in grassroot sports and its role in upliftment of society

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Moving on to the third panel of the Day 2 [09th October], we focus on the world of sports, but with a different flavor. The topic of Sports panel in ConneXions 2015 is – Innovation in grassroot sports and its role in upliftment of society. Following snippet gives a flavor of what to expect:shutterstock194430404

Some people make excuses. Others make history. Some build reputations. Others build nations. Some people play games. Others, only sports.

Sports have long been associated with fairness, health, camaraderie and discipline. Nowhere are these qualities more badly needed than when shaping the futures of children, especially the poorest of the poor.

Not everybody can afford to pick up a golf club, a cricket bat or a tennis racket, because these are rich men’s sports. Must the rest have to contend themselves with kicking ragged balls in rubbish filled grounds, or pushing tires through dusty streets, just whiling away time till they become child labourers? Perhaps not. Fortunately there exist remarkable individuals who have found ways to organize, train and empower these boys and girls into footballers, hockey players, swimmers and runners. These men and women have not only turned around lives of scores of children, but done the country a great service in a great many ways.

In the Sports panel in Connexions 2015, we fete these individuals. We take inspiration from them, and understand grassroots management techniques from Sports. We focus on the here and now, and on 2025, when one of these boys and girls will shoot an arrow, fire a gun, take a leap, power a stroke, or pedal just a little faster than somebody else, and win the Gold for India. We will salute them then, as we cheer them on today. Jai Hind.

To learn more, come and join us on 8th & 9th October, 2015!!!

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[Contributed by Ninad Bhave]

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