IIMA – PGPX, Kick-start to a journey

It was 6th November 2014 when I, in my Toronto condo, woke up with an email from IIM Ahmedabad that had a web link to my admission result in one of the most coveted management programs in the world, IIM-PGPX. The word I was looking for in the letter was ‘Congratulations’ and when I found that, it was difficult to believe. That day, a roller-coaster ride had started for me. From preparing to arranging funds to pay the fee instalments, communicating my sabbatical decision to my client & bosses, and ultimately to prepare us to move back to India. A lot of excitement was in the air and so was nervousness on how this decision would unfold in future. Similar was the story of most of the classmates here.


Today, when I look back at the learning & experience I got here, it seems flying back to India and joining IIMA PGPX was one of the best decisions I took in my life. It was not what I learnt in the subject, but from whom (few of the best faculties in the world & Industry Leaders) and with whom (some of the best talent in India) I learnt those concepts. 2015-16 was full of ups & downs for all of us. However, right expectations from the start were something helped us sailed through one of the most rigorous MBA curriculums anywhere in the world. For me, Placement was just a bonus, real success factor from PGPX was an everyday interaction that I had with industry leaders and renowned faculties.

Few days back when I was going to appear for my last exam, it seemed we all have come a long way in last one year. It all started with Term 1 (Apr-Jun), which would be remembered for forming of committees while everybody was fighting to keep afloat with 3-4 hours of daily sleep. Term-2 brought the cultural competitiveness through T-Nite. Term-3 in Warwick Business School brought a truckload of fun and international exposure through academics. Term-4, after the excitement & nervousness of ConneXions, was as tense as it could ever get in any placement season. Ultimately, Term-5 took us our learning to practice through Capstone & put us in winding mode.

Although fruits of the seeds that we sowed in last one year, will be seen in next 5-10 years, the overall experience was just awesome and impossible to put in equal detail.

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