ConneXions 2016



Come October 14th , And Countries Best Brains will come together & discuss startegies on how to take India Forward.



When the best minds of the industry and the academia interact on the grounds of a 55-year old institute celebrated for its knowledge, that is something to watch out for.

Every year, the students of PGPX (the one-year full time MBA program for experienced professionals) host ConneXions – a knowledge summit that epitomizes the vibrancy and buzz of a business school. Upholding this tradition, we, from the batch of PGPX 2016-17, are proud to announce ConneXions 2016 on Oct 14 – 15.

 What makes ConneXions unique?

The event creates an intellectual platform where industry veterans, policymakers and leaders from diverse sectors engage in erudite discussions that are moderated by distinguished professors. The speakers in each panel are carefully chosen from different industries to offer refreshingly different perspectives. IIMA makes for a perfect venue with its knowledgeable audience who are poised to assimilate the ideas and solutions that emerge, and incorporate them as they step into leadership roles.

 We as future leaders believe that the transformation of our country requires not just novel ideas but also next-level planning and most importantly execution strategy for effective rollout. With this strong belief , we announce this year’s theme: ‘Transforming India’: Ideas to Implementation’ under which we invite eminent industrialists and thought leaders to offer their insights in fields of education, health care, energy, finance, information technology and manufacturing.

Theme: ‘Transforming India’: Ideas to Implementation’

Panel Topics

  • Sustainable healthcare delivery to 1.5 billion Indians
  • Telecom and Technology: A medium for social transformation and smart governance
  • Transforming India’s energy basket to achieve energy sustainability by 2030
  • Reshaping the manufacturing ecosystem: Challenges and solutions
  • Creating an ecosystem to implement RTE
  • Financial sector integration for a compelling Indian growth story

ConneXions captures the spirit of inquiry, leadership, creativity and brings out powerful solutions to complex problems, the relevance of which is monumental now and for years to come.

MoreDetails about the event can be found at


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