Campus Diaries: Mid Term Blues

Its 2 am. We have just finished decoding the beauty secrets of the Japanese Geisha, and developing the strategy of how to market Geisha inspired cosmetic products in the not-so-Asian-product-friendly American markets. For the first time since our inception, we start harbouring hopes of retiring early to bed (2 am is early by IIMA standards), when the ominous mail notification sounds on our phones. It’s bound to bring in bad news, and it does. We are always wary of mails, especially the ones sent after midnight- statistically those have proven to be the most impactful.

Coffee at 2AM is the usual supper

And yes, we just got handed down the financial statements we needed to prep for tomorrow’s class. The attached note reads: “Please bring hard copies of your analysis of the statements.”

Everybody throws of their unfinished coffee cups, and rushes to the syndi rooms, there’s no time to be lost. I calmly sip on my coffee- experience in the last few assignments have taught me a few extra minutes won’t bring any breakthrough results for me atleast.

The brave-hearts amongst us get to sleep by five, the cautious ones go straight to class. We have a hard time keeping a safe distance between our upper and lower eyelids, and just pray that we don’t get called down for a presentation on the board.

Class gets over at two.

Lunch time: we have grown accustomed to the food- by now we have realized saving time is the priority and the least affinity we have for the food- the better it is.

Post lunch classes are the second biggest enemies of our siestas. We dread but we have to tread that path. Else we make a trade of our grades.

We carry mugs of coffee to keep us awake. But we have been becoming caffeine resistant by now. I now drink close to six cups each day.

Business, as usual

Class gets over at 4. We rush for some power naps, and start with the balance sheets and cash flow statements. Economics graphs are lately in fashion, and all the syndi room boards are filled with graphs that only the creator can decipher.

A week later the mid-term exam notices comes in. I ask to myself, when did the course start? And then realization dawns that it’s been a month already. The liabilities are indeed rising pretty fast, and the depreciation curve is badly skewed.  We prepare the course materials for a week, going through all possible combinations of how to wear lungis and shirts. I even have dreams of the professor making us move to tunes of ‘lungi dance’ on exam day.

Exams come and go. Some of us shine through, others keep mum about the entire experience and try acting results are not worth bothering about. It’s all about learning.

The paper in some subjects exceeds our expectations. Actually, by now we have realized, the best way to keep stress levels low, is to come to the hall expecting the minimum. A notch higher makes us feel we have exceled. It’s no wonder the OB professor is taken aback by our trends of setting low group targets.

But there are exceptions too. And A+’s are usually celebrated by taking the day off from studies. So good grades may actually decrease the motivation to learn 😛

But reflecting back on the month that has been, and on the books and course mats that we have already covered, I am pleasantly shocked! I wouldn’t have believed this was humanely possible a month back. That is what IIMA does to you. It forces us to elevate our levels, and pushes us that extra mile more. Coach Knight/ Coach K anyone ?

With Professor Ravichandran, who taught us much more than DOMD, and whose one-liners of wisdom enlightened many hapless souls

After the mid-term gets over on a Saturday morning, we decide to make most of the few hours of freedom we have been granted. Some of us go bowling, some go for a movie, or some just decide to catch up on lost sleep time.

People with families get some much needed time with their spouses and kids, and the weekend simply flies.

And I find this the ideal time to pen down the blog, because come tomorrow, it’s going to be another long week !

We get to pamper our taste buds after a long time


Archya, is a doctor-turned-healthcare administrator, who thinks he has a passion for writing, and hence uses his limited idle time to pen down his thoughts. No publishing house has yet made him any offers, so he has to now debate his opportunity costs.

Archya is presently pursuing a MBA (PGPX) from IIM, Ahmedabad.

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2 Replies to “Campus Diaries: Mid Term Blues”

  1. Good One Archya! Re-lived my term 1 through your post…But, wait….Term 2 is about to hit you and you have been forewarned – Term 2 would make Term 1 look like a vacation!
    But seriously, have fun learning…it is definitely about the learning, well maybe more for the top 10 folks…but every moment in campus is a wonderful learning opportunity. Make the best of it!
    All the best!
    Vinayan X-10

    1. Thanks Vinayan 🙂
      Is that so ? And here are we, feeling that things can’t get worse than this ! Making use of the opportunities as much as we can, infact that is the sole driving force that keeps us awake even after not getting 4 hrs of sleep each day 😛
      Thanks for reaching out. Will be in touch 🙂
      And yes, please share your anecdotes too, that will keep us inspired 😉

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