PGPX Diaries, Chapter 2: Classes, Cases and Crashes


“May Day. May Day. Crash landing imminent. Brace yourselves for impact. “

That’s the kind of message getting broadcasted in our minds right now. It’s been 2 weeks into the PGPX regime, and we are way past the ‘dreamy-eyed-so-excited-to-be-here’ phase. Reality has hit us, and hit us hard. From campus hopping selfie taking new recruits, we have become sleep deprived assignment burdened PGPX participants. Welcome back to school!


I have been told by the alums though, that it is not as crazy, once we get used to the grind. Which would take anything between weeks to months, depending on your adaptabilities. I was pertinent enough to ask for survival tips from an alum, and was met with a curt response, “Never. You need to figure this out yourself”. Well, so much for niceties.

But then, all of us have different coping mechanisms. Some have taken to studying-whenever-I-see-them, rather “don’t see…

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