Campus Bites: Places to eat inside IIMA


Food forms a very integral part of the life at IIMA, for two very critical reasons

  1. Good food is essential to instil that extra energy that all of us need desperately.
  2. Prompt and quick service, 24*7 to ensure that you get whatever you crave and whenever you crave- to act as potent stressbusters

So, to serve such needs, the campus is strewn with cafes and chai stalls- each with its own flavour, and dedicated clientele. All of us have been to each, but over time we do form that special bond for one or two- either for the food, but mostly for the ‘flavour’ as our marketing professor likes to call it. Following is the list of our favourite hang outs on campus

  1. TANSTAAFL: There aint no such thing as a free lunch. Yes, that’s the name of our all-day café. It serves everything from soups, momos, French fries…

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