Convocation: The Final Hurrah!

It feels like just that day when we all came rushing in through the gates of IIM Ahmedabad, a hundred and fifteen souls, hundred and fifteen dreams- all ready to make them come true. We believed in our hearts that this was the magical place that would make them all come true. our journey over …


Of Learnings outside the classrooms

That we get the best management education in IIMA would be an understatement of understatements, but it would be interesting to know that some of the best management lessons we learnt during our time in PGPX did not come from the faculty, but from a few legends in IIMA known for altogether different roles. One …

Campus Bites: Places to eat inside IIMA


Food forms a very integral part of the life at IIMA, for two very critical reasons

  1. Good food is essential to instil that extra energy that all of us need desperately.
  2. Prompt and quick service, 24*7 to ensure that you get whatever you crave and whenever you crave- to act as potent stressbusters

So, to serve such needs, the campus is strewn with cafes and chai stalls- each with its own flavour, and dedicated clientele. All of us have been to each, but over time we do form that special bond for one or two- either for the food, but mostly for the ‘flavour’ as our marketing professor likes to call it. Following is the list of our favourite hang outs on campus

  1. TANSTAAFL: There aint no such thing as a free lunch. Yes, that’s the name of our all-day café. It serves everything from soups, momos, French fries…

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Syndicates: Through Winter and Spring

'Walking with a friend in the dark, is better than walking alone in the light.' ~Helen Keller   I often get questioned on what the secret ingredient of the secret ingredient soup at IIMA is. All of us before coming out here had an idea this was going to be a training on lines of …

Have we learnt anything ?

“We have learnt nothing,” uttered the class in unison. The last class of ‘Elephants and cheetahs’ was perhaps a fitting end to term 4. A term, that had begun with the words, “I still haven’t found what I was looking for”. A number of electives had a deep impact behind changing our outlook to how …

MBBS to MBA: 1st Day at PGPX, IIM Ahmedabad


This is Sparta. That is exactly the kind of feedback that I got from every alum when I had tried to speak to when I had finally got a call for PGPX, at IIM, Ahmedabad. But such is the charisma of the institute that despite getting calls from some other top institutes from the country, I still decided to opt for IIMA. In fact, the choice was quite straightforward- it didn’t involve much utilization of the grey cells.

First things first. When I had decided on pursuing an MBA after seven years in the healthcare industry, post my MBBS, I was met with a lot of startled stares. You are a doctor, so why would you need to go for an MBA? From shock to complete bewilderment, I had seen it all! To a point that I had even stopped explaining my point of view to people. ‘My choice’ –…

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International Immersion Program @ ESCP Paris

Term 2 had been tough, and the prospect of leaving for IIP (international immersion program) promised a welcome break for us all! Most of us were supposed to leave on the 8th. Classes got over at 4. We had three hours to pack and get go. We (we = forty-four of us) were travelling to …

Term 2: The end of everything

The campus was unusually quiet. It wasn’t the lull before the storm. It was what happens after the storm has come, ravaged everything in its way, and blown over. We- the survivors, were holed up in our bunkers, trying to recoup from the onslaught. We had known second term was going to be tough- but …

Management: Arts or Humanities or Scientific Reasoning

PGPXcellent - Bon Voyage

The first week at IIM Ahmedabad campus as PGPX student stimulates various thoughts in mind of participants. The journey has just begun and there are constant warnings about how difficult it is going to get over next couple of months before the principle of equilibrium sets in. And the famous quote from GameOfThrones,’Winter is coming’, appear very much the buzzword for the participants of one of the most academically stimulating, and technically comprehensive MBA program in the competitive MBA world across the globe.

While going through various initial sessions, I was wondering how true the fact that Management is built on the premises of humanities, art or science. In today’s world, where the human race has evolved. Nowadays, the thought of getting latest mobile brings more smile on the faces of the younger generation than that of getting a new bicycle. The feeling of being recognized technically advance may be more content among higher…

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IIM A PGPX Diaries: Term I completed |1st Milestone reached

My Morning Diaries


June 6, 2017. 4.00 PM. I have couple of hours before I start my journey back home after end of Term 1 of PGPX – 1 Year MBA at IIM Ahmedabad. Program started on 13th April and it has been 8 weeks of roller-coaster ride. PGPX is a very intense and rigorous program. with an ongoing medley of classes, assignments, quizzes, cases and pre reads on any day. In term 1 we completed core courses in Accounting, Operations Design, Decision making, microeconomics, Marketing and Organization Behavior. Obvious learning is the direct knowledge and skills we gain from these courses taught by the best professors in the country but I am going to focus on the not so obvious learnings and experience of staying away from family.

New | Fresh | Different Perspectives

When you have worked in one function and one Industry, the perspective gets set in context of your function and…

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Progress report: One down, Four to go !

End terms came and went. The accounting, eco, operations, stats juggernauts had us all flattened. We were literally begging for a breath of fresh air, an opportunity to get outside campus, to feel that we were still alive after the mauling meted out to us in the first two months. So, the term break was …

PGPX Diaries, Chapter 2: Classes, Cases and Crashes


“May Day. May Day. Crash landing imminent. Brace yourselves for impact. “

That’s the kind of message getting broadcasted in our minds right now. It’s been 2 weeks into the PGPX regime, and we are way past the ‘dreamy-eyed-so-excited-to-be-here’ phase. Reality has hit us, and hit us hard. From campus hopping selfie taking new recruits, we have become sleep deprived assignment burdened PGPX participants. Welcome back to school!


I have been told by the alums though, that it is not as crazy, once we get used to the grind. Which would take anything between weeks to months, depending on your adaptabilities. I was pertinent enough to ask for survival tips from an alum, and was met with a curt response, “Never. You need to figure this out yourself”. Well, so much for niceties.

But then, all of us have different coping mechanisms. Some have taken to studying-whenever-I-see-them, rather “don’t see…

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Transforming India: Ideas to Implementation

"It’s the millennial’s world, that’s moving fast Through fabled path, we connect the dots From systems and processes, to technology we sway Disruptions and innovations, all here to stay For greater good, in a world of foray The cadence carries me and I drift away Experience we carry and we seek reflections Through diverse disciplines …

ConneXions 2016

TEMPO IS SET TO RISE !!! IDEAS READY TO BE EXCHANGED !! Come October 14th , And Countries Best Brains will come together & discuss startegies on how to take India Forward.   When the best minds of the industry and the academia interact on the grounds of a 55-year old institute celebrated for its …

Dividend – Only financial measure OR something more?

Recently Syntel Inc., Michigan (USA) based IT organization, declared a $15 dividend for its shareholders. At prevailing stock price of approx. $41, it meant a dividend yield of 36%, not a small number. It is not difficult to see how it would impact the finances when a $1 B organization, with its 101 Million outstanding …