Convocation: The Final Hurrah!

It feels like just that day when we all came rushing in through the gates of IIM Ahmedabad, a hundred and fifteen souls, hundred and fifteen dreams- all ready to make them come true. We believed in our hearts that this was the magical place that would make them all come true. our journey over …


Syndicates: Through Winter and Spring

'Walking with a friend in the dark, is better than walking alone in the light.' ~Helen Keller   I often get questioned on what the secret ingredient of the secret ingredient soup at IIMA is. All of us before coming out here had an idea this was going to be a training on lines of …

Holi @ The Red Bricks

Holi comes at a time when most of us are done with their end terms and assignments. A few unfortunate ones do have submissions to make, but the day warranted we forget all our woes. it is one of those occasions that brings together the entire IIMA community, and none of us wanted to miss …

Have we learnt anything ?

“We have learnt nothing,” uttered the class in unison. The last class of ‘Elephants and cheetahs’ was perhaps a fitting end to term 4. A term, that had begun with the words, “I still haven’t found what I was looking for”. A number of electives had a deep impact behind changing our outlook to how …

International Immersion Program @ ESCP Paris

Term 2 had been tough, and the prospect of leaving for IIP (international immersion program) promised a welcome break for us all! Most of us were supposed to leave on the 8th. Classes got over at 4. We had three hours to pack and get go. We (we = forty-four of us) were travelling to …

Term 2: The end of everything

The campus was unusually quiet. It wasn’t the lull before the storm. It was what happens after the storm has come, ravaged everything in its way, and blown over. We- the survivors, were holed up in our bunkers, trying to recoup from the onslaught. We had known second term was going to be tough- but …

T-Nite: Do it, or Don’t

Do it, or don’t. There’s no try. Said Yoda, the mascot of Section X (that’s how we address PGPX), before T-Nite was about to begin. It was going to be an epic battle- X’s against the Fachhas and Tatchas (Section A to E of PGP). You just can’t walk down the battleground- just like you …

PGPX XI pays homage to the “tree of life”

0430      on a Sunday morning, the alarms blaring….Oh darn that was another long night, the syndi discussions were never ending, it took sheer will power not to punch people…Why is everyone so damn smart here….ahhhhh somebody shut that damn thing off. Why did i agree to go riding into Ahmedabad city… of all …

Why would a specialist want to be a generalist?

After the moderators hauled the last load of verifications in the third week of December, I finally got a chance to look at the class profile of PGPX 8 batch for 2013-14. Although privacy issues do not permit discussing class profile at this stage, this article would still be of interest to prospective students of …

Guest Speakers at PGPX

Speakers that have graced PGPX

Media Coverage – PGPX Alumni Event Teaser

As the entire PGPX gears up for the upcoming alumni event from Jan 8th - 10th of next year, the Economic Times has printed an article about the get-together.

Media Coverage – PGPX Green initiative

Four students from PGPX were covered by the economic times for their initiative to help SMEs go green

Profile of the week – Mohit Mathur

Mohit Mathur's Profile

Media Coverage – Target GMAT

PGPX IV Batch was covered in The Telegraph on Sep 24th highlighting the exceptional academic and intellectual capability of the batch

Profile of the Week – Seenu Kurien

Seenu Kurien's Profile