Cubicle to Campus – Bollywood Tadka

Having watched  Munnabhai MBBS umpteen times,  one dialogue never fails to have me in splits,  “Circuit, do you know there are 206 bones in human body, while breaking them did we ever thought about it”, and a thought props up in my mind – this is what education does to you!  There is at least one more thing common between me & Munnabhai – both of us decided to go back to college in mid-career.

It’s all still fresh in my memory. The moment I told my manager about my plans to do MBA, he almost jumped 2 inches out of his chair, and immediately a barrage of questions were shot at me “does your wife knows about this”, “dude do you know how costly it is”, “you are already in a comfortable position in your career, why take risk”, this is exactly where Munnabhai’s adages came to rescue.


All I could do was to blurt “I will only do so if I get into anyone of the IIMs” and immediate response from my manager was how many recommendations he needs to write. Instantly, I realized the power of IIM brand, and very next day, I courageously marched into cabins of bigwigs in my company. Within three days I had eight Recos in my kitty. But, with this came a realization that now I have raised the bar for myself, all eyes are on me and there is no turning back.

Then started the long grueling  journey of applying , getting shortlisted , interviews and what not. Days were flying by. I could so much relate to what Sunny Deol famously growled “Tareekh Pe Tareekh, Tareekh Pe Tareekh”. As the D-day approached, I literally had vision of DJ Aqeel remixing 3 Idiots songs “Give me some sunshine” and “Chachu All is Well” flashing right in front of my eyes. Anyways I checked the IIMA PGPX site for results and Walla!! yours truly was accepted and my long cherished dream of getting into IIMA had actually become true. And what a feeling it was to go back and share the news with my parents, family, friends, colleagues, and most importantly, my manager, who by then time had moved to greener pastures.

I know this is just one-third of the journey, yet I am hopeful; with all Bollywood movies I have seen till date I have enough inspiration to keep the momentum going.

Signing off!

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