PGPX Speaker Series 2013-14 flagged off with Mr. Ronnie Screwvala

What better way to kick-off the PGPX speaker series with the talk and learning from an eminent first generation entrepreneur in IIMA, where the entire 85 PGPX8 are aspired and determined to become future leaders and entrepreneurs. It’s just two weeks since we, PGPX8, have started their one-year journey in IIMA new campus, and here we are, already interacting with the CEO and Founder of UTV group, Mr. Rohinton S. Screwvala. That’s the brand of IIMA PGPX!

All 85 of us, dressed-up sharp, were excited to meet a person of such stature and fame. Mr. Screwvala started off the talk by mentioning that PGPX batch, given our leadership backgrounds and experience, would be able to relate to his experiences and learning much better. Now that made us feel quite privileged!

Ronnie, as we started calling him, talked about the importance of Innovation in both Indian and International context, and suggested the importance of being “proactively disruptive” which signifies that one should always be on the lookout for what is lacking and how value can be created.

He also presented his key learning gathered over many years of managing several business verticals and emphasised the importance of “focus”, “gut feel” and “scale” to be successful. When one is setting goals, it is important to measure “what is the impact you are necessarily creating in that job”. Also, focus doesn’t mean that one needs to be focussed on just one thing… one can focus on multiple things simultaneously if there is a clear vision and purpose.

He also stressed the importance of “resilience”, that is, to stay in course have huge impact on the success of any venture. There would be a many times in any entrepreneur’s journey when all the doors seem closed and a feel of insecurity sinks in. But that’s the time when resilience plays an important role in deciding to stay in the game or call it a day.

Ronnie also spoke about social entrepreneurship and shared his views of firms in this social sector. He suggested that budding social entrepreneurs in PGPX8 decide in the very initial stages whether to have their social ventures for-profit or non-profit, and then work towards the decided goals.

The session concluded with many questions from students about how he remains focussed, energized and what his big mistakes and learning in the past have been. Following the talk, some students had an opportunity to have lunch with him where the discussions veered more into the media and social space.

That was a Saturday morning well spent! Hats-off to the PGPX Speaker Committee folks who coordinated and arranged their first event flawlessly.

Apparently, Mr. Ronnie equally enjoyed the event…check out his tweets below:

Ronnie Tweets

Hear out the entire speech:

Many more to come!!!


2 Replies to “PGPX Speaker Series 2013-14 flagged off with Mr. Ronnie Screwvala”

  1. Disruptive innovation, staying with time and perseverance – Wow Mr Screwvala !!! Indeed very motivating.

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