Election Fever

It was election day at PGPX. Weekends tended to be hibernation zones for students, when everyone caught up on their lost sleep, and built reserves for the coming week. The desperadoes though, decided to catch up on lost studies, and build on their bank of those interactive questions to be put to the professors.

Not this week. People had started checking the pitches a week back – you had to get your PPTs right and make sure they didn’t get lost in the avalanche. Everything is fair in love and war. This was war, where you showed no love for your opponent. So, you were free to market yourself anyway you deemed suitable- mails, whatsapp, online or offline.

Saturday mornings were jam packed with presentations- a lot of visions and statements. The human eye is only capable of binocular vision, so everyone was having trouble seeing so many visions at the same time. Dizziness was an obvious side effect.

The Election Commission was doing a good job. Voting was completely online- which was the only way of ensuring all voted on an afternoon where temperatures touched 45 degrees.

But, close votes meant more rounds, and more people coming out to try and squeeze in that extra vote. The campus was abuzz with activity- so much so that so that the support staff asked us in bewilderment- “What is the event today? No one seems to be in their rooms?”

We from the media cell, were out taking pictures of the entire process- but due to the sensitive nature of those pictures, are unable to share them across a public page. We have to keep our own placements in mind after all. Some controversies have already been created by comments let loose by our overactive members.

The atmosphere was filled with apprehension and nervous excitement- assignments and case preps had for once taken a backseat. Come 5pm, the final results were declared. It was time for selfies, pictures with the winning candidates, and for parties. The only problem was, the weather was dry, pretty dry.

Candidates trying to influence the Election Commission 😛

Come Sunday we were back at voting- you cannot expect all elections to be wrapped up in a single day. Three hours later, something unprecedented happened. In the history of PGPX, for the first time we had a tie. Yes, the mandate was in, and you had to respect people’s wishes. Both candidates were selected. We were spared the ordeal of yet another vote, the associated paraphernalia, and another blog post.

This is going to be an interesting year ahead.

It’s a Tie, Bhai

Archya, is a doctor-turned-healthcare administrator, who thinks he has a passion for writing, and hence uses his limited idle time to pen down his thoughts. No publishing house has yet made him any offers, so he has to now debate his opportunity costs.

Archya is presently pursuing a MBA (PGPX) from IIM, Ahmedabad.


2 Replies to “Election Fever”

  1. Hello Archya,
    Thanks for your blogs. They provide great insights and are fun to read. I am a fellow aspirant who applied in R-1. My post mba goal is to continue in Supply Chain and Logistics domain. Can you please help me connect with any of your fellow batch-mate who is associated with Anukoolan?
    I greatly appreciate your time and help! Looking forward to your response.

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